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Become a JomSocial Hero! JomSocial is a big and complex application so to get the most out of it, it’s a good idea to spend a little bit learning how to use it in the most optimal way! Learning JomSocial - The FAST and EASY way! If you’re not into reading documentations (and who is, really?) we have a much, much better way to learn JomSocial! Introducing: The JomSocial Video Course Creating a successful community starts with knowing how to use JomSocial! I’ve prepared a 50-lesson video tutorial course that shows the highlights of new and existing important features of JomSocial 3.2 I will show you how to take advantage of the latest JomSocial release! The topics covered: - Installation of JomSocial 3.2 - Setting up Facebook connect - Tagging friends in posts and comments - Location on Activity Stream posts - Moods - and more! Enroll now!


This course is FREE for guests!


Eric Tracz

Eric has been active with Joomla since 2010 and joined JomSocial in January 2012 where his patience teaching English has proved invaluable for customer service. Thanks to Merav he's learned a lot and worked his way up from support to Project Management. Not afraid of Scrum and does not know the meaning of 'giving up'. He’s a keen cook and, as a science fiction fan, is easily distracted by lasers.

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